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NAVIGATING CENTER NEGATIVE LANDSCAPES is happening at 7PM (Wed)  1st of September, during Joao Massano’s exhibition SILENTLY CONQUERING MOVEMENT.

Estudio Salitre, Rua do Salitre 106, 1dto.

At the bottom of a greasy pyramid.png

This exhibition “At the Bottom of a Greasy Pyramid”, puts together the works of Gioj de Marco, Guilherme Peters, Pedro Inock and Sansa Rope, each shedding light on the complexities and inherent challenges of hierarchical systems. Drawing upon the metaphor of a “greasy pyramid,” this showcase delves into the realms of slipperiness, opacity, and the difficulties inherent in navigating said hierarchies, attempting to unveil the intricate dynamics of challenging these dubious systems. 

Each artist takes a radically different approach, although bonded by the media of video they appear to have a common ground towards the audience, to prepare us to confront the dirty and untrustworthy aspects that often accompany such structures, be it corruption, favouritism, or unethical practices. The structures and systems revealed are sometimes unclear and layered, yet as they surface we slowly realise how common they are to each one of us in our very own approach to the Zeitgeist.

interested individuals can contact the organisation or the artists in order to obtain the location of the exhibition

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