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Verses for tragedy / Tragedie - Regole de contemplazione

Verses for tragedy - The rule of contemplation is a very down to earth approach, simply a visual and video-media driven,  18 minute long tome on observation. Here the body of work is what happens before the first step, it is prior to the process of creating a script, a drawing, a voice note or even a simple idea. The presented footage is just the path of seeking - through observation- a ground to erect the foundations of a work yet to be materialized.
Does it imply any rules, just for observation?  

appear / emerge/ happen/ occur / realize / take place / turn up / unfold / actualize

coalesce / develop / embody / evolve / exteriorize / externalize / hypostatize / manifest / metamorphose

be realized / become /concrete / become real / become visual / come about / come to pass / corporealize


make real

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